Hastings Snack Bar (@hastingssnackbar)

2 weeks ago

Good morning all. I missed you yesterday. Life got busy pretty quick yesterday, so I didn't get to tell you all about the patio and general tomfoolery going on. It's okay. I'm here today. We'll make life happen. A rare Sunday Dan appearance. One of the more notable things about the Snackbar here (and if you're a morning person/still a wee bit "tipsy" from the night before and therefore trying to walk it off, you know this ), is just how far out from the restaurant you can smell the onions cooking. Since you've been here so many times, you know how essential onions are to polish cuisine. Pierogies. Kielbasa. Potatoes. Peanut Butter & Jam sandwiches. Onions make everything better. Speaking of jam (maximum effort there ), we have 2 for 1 on day old polish donuts. We have a bunch from yesterday, and we want you to have them (and then for you to toss them into the oven for like a minute, you'll thank me later. Actually, maybe you won't. That's super rude ). We're open till 4PM today, and then we're closed until Friday, August 6th. So today is a great day to get your fix. Because you won't be able to on Tuesday. Or Wednesday. See what I'm sayin' here? Okay, that's enough. Bye! . . . . . . #hastingssnackbar #hastings #polishcomfortfood #polishfood #leslievillesbestcoffee #leslievillebia #leslieville #leslievillepolishfood #toronto #torontopierogi #torontopierogies #torontopolishfood #torontofood #pierogis #pierogies