Pascale Brisson (@pascalinabrisson)

2 weeks ago

In times of uncertainty, we realize what really matters. Covid taught me that I’m happier working from home close to my loved ones and on my own schedule. This realization doesn’t come without having to make multiple sacrifices to ensure that I can accomplish this goal including working late nights and weekends, going above and beyond for my clients 24/7 and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I’m happy to make these sacrifices, I’m excited to go to bed late when I have orders to place, I’m excited to wake up early to grind it and I’ll happily do calls back to back on a weekend because I LOVE my job and it doesn’t feel like work when you’re happy doing it and when your WHY is your family and your own physical and mental wellbeing.❤️ #10x #workfromanywhere #family #goals #work #businesswoman #bosslady #workingmom #hustler #ottawa #montreal #toronto #canada #vancouver