Miss Witch (@mrs.kitchenwitch)

2 weeks ago

Made my husband breakfast in bed this morning with some 100% #veganpancakes 😋 The original recipe was for blueberry pancakes, but I don’t have any blueberries on hand right now. But no complaints, these are delicious! • These pancakes contain: all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, granulated sugar, oat milk, canola oil, and 1 flax egg • Magickal Properties: Pancakes in general correspond with #luck Oat milk corresponds with grounding, prosperity, the Goddess, love, nurturing, and #spirituality Flax eggs correspond with protection, healing, fertility, spirituality, and #strength Flour corresponds with consistency Maple syrup corresponds with prosperity and love Salt corresponds with cleansing, purification, grounding, and #protection Sugar corresponds with #love • (Recipe taken from Choosing Chia @choosingchia #choosingchia )