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2 days ago

Baby in the time of COVID My girl will be turning four months in a few days. It’s been a long journey, yet one that seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye. Just when I’m beginning to think that I have cracked the code to perfect motherhood, life lets me know that there really is no such thing. There’s the usual worries that come with being a first time mom, but then there’s those that come with being a first time mom during a global health crisis: for example, will my baby grow up like other babies? Will she ever get to go to parks and play on public play structures? Will she have social anxiety because she’s only ever met four people in person? Or will she lack immunity because she’s never been exposed to the environment? What will I do if I ever have to run to the hospital which is crawling with patients who have COVID-19? Will she meet the rest of her family before she turns one? * Did you give birth right before or during the pandemic? Tell me your stories in the comments below! Read more: link in bio #COVID #baby #newborn #pakistan #canada #acupofinsanity #birth #birthday #mothers #blog #personalblog #karachi #toronto #brampton