Nicole Popplewell (@sculpttowellness)

5 days ago

So yesterday we climbed Street and Nye mountains. Two more knocked off the #46ers list.💥💥 It was supposed to be about 9.3 miles and just 2634 feet elevation gain. So we figured this isn’t too difficult therefore we will start late morning and be done by mid to late afternoon. Well foolishly I took us going up the wrong trail climbing lots of scrambles. After 3 miles we realized we were on the wrong trail. We headed all the way back down to the trailhead and at that point completed 6 miles. Now we were disappointed, a little tired, and hungry. We had a snack, drank water and after much contemplation and me giving @sam_mabel a bit of a nudge to do what we planned 😁, we started our journey to the initially intended peaks which was 10 miles round trip! Let’s just say what we thought will be a short day was a very long one. We ended just at night fall so I didn’t have to use my head lamp 🙏🏽 We did get to capture the gorgeous moon over the Adirondack LOJ. * At the beginning of the trail we passed the beautiful Heart lake. The trail was mostly gnarly, very overgrown and thick at times, and NOT marked. * The markers at the ‘junction’ for Street and Nye are carved in a tree! (see my photos ). Neither had a view at the summit, just a sign with the name of the mountain. * We were happy when we were back at the trailhead and even happier that we checked two more high peaks off our list 😀😀 * Oh and we parked a mile away! All good. What an accomplishment! 💪🏽💪🏽 * #streetmountain #nye #nyemountain #hiking #trekking #adirondack #familygoals #healthyfamily #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #lovingoutdoorslife #fitness #wellness #sculpttowellness #46erjourney #46ers