Hassan Raja (@capturedhr)

5 days ago

I properly fell in love with film photography on this trip. I've always kinda liked 35mm film for the aesthetic it provides for capturing memories but there are massive financial barriers which can prevent you from shooting it frequently. Not in Istanbul though, it costs just £1.50 to develop film there! And rolls of film are much cheaper too. Have I mentioned how much I love that place. Based on this price point, I ended up shooting a roll of film every day while I was there and getting it developed the next morning which was so satisfying. I asked the man in the shop I went to if he could recommend me a new type of film for shooting buildings and landscapes and he recommended me a roll of Lomo 800 film and these are the results! It was so cool getting to experiment and not worry too much about how much it was costing me. While film photography is a really expensive hobby, if you shop around you can find shortcuts which make it a bit more affordable. I think this year I want to try and shoot a roll every week so that when I come to the end of my time at Cambridge I'll have heaps of photos to look back on, I did a terrible job at that this year. Swipe through to see some of the pics I took during my excursion to the Byzantine walls in Istanbul. I spent the afternoon on my own trekking to the edge of the city to see these 1500-year-old monuments and managed to find a way to climb up and walk along the tops. It was definitely up there with one of the most magical experiences of my life and reaffirmed to myself what a massive history neek I am. #Istanbul #Turkey #Constantinople #History #Architecture #35mm #35mmFilm #Lomo #Lomo800 #IShootFilm #FilmPhotography #StreetPhotography #Travel #FujiSuperia